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Patternvibe is a software made right for it.
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PatternVibe will run in your desktop browser.
Browsers with Chromium will perform best. This is a pre-release version.

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Basic Principles

Patternvibe brings you a new way of handling your design composition. Instead of manipulating one object at a time you control many at once and therefore iterate on your results faster.

STEP 1 / Add Sprites: These may be images with transparency, usually in a PNG format. An image with multiple sprites can also be imported using Slicer.

STEP 2 / Adjust Parameters: There are 3 ways of manipulating sprites in the scene:
a) Left hand side panel - adjust whole group in batch
b) Brush based transformations
c) Selective manipulation / free transform (excludes them from batch manipulation unless included again)

STEP 3 / Spread Them Around: PatternVibe uses 2D physics engine and collision detection to distribute sprites across scene in visually apealing manner. Each sprite has it’s own collision boundary which defines how far apart they should end up from each other. Press PLAY to activate the physics mode.

Repeat any of these steps to achieve desired results.

About PatternVibe

The web app is currently in early stages of development and therefore certain basic functionalities are not yet available, some may break, some may change later. The reason for that is to put the concept to real use and to test the workflow.

This approach allows an ongoing refinement of direction the development is heading and allows the app to evolve organically. There are many ideas laying ahead and some of them may be more important than others. Therefore we'd like to hear from you - the real users to know which ones should be the priority.

Are there any features you’d like to see added/improved? Give us a shout on Your suggestions will be considered, making things work for you is our success.

The app is free and in the future freemium model with ads is being considered in order to cover the cost of servers and to support further development. Any of the currently available features are most likely to remain free.